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About Us

The Aurora Singers is a Denver metro performing arts organization that has been a city icon of choral and dance styles since 1977. The ensemble strives to enrich the entertainment experience of its audience through performing high-quality choral and musical repertoire with an eclectic mixture of popular tunes and musical theatre. They are supported solely through patrons, sponsors, and volunteers and encourage any level of support to maintain their high standards for entertainment excellence.

Mission Statement

Vision Statement

Bringing inspiration and joy through fine choral and musical review performance to the Aurora/Denver Metro area and beyond.

We envision bringing communities together through song and dance. We will continue to inspire and to energize the creativity of our members while providing an excellent entertainment experience for audiences everywhere.


Involvement in the Aurora Singers allows each performer, choreographer, director, musician, and technician to remain active in the arts and culture of Aurora, as well as the Denver metro area and the state of Colorado. The members take pride in belonging to an organization that is doing its part to keep the arts alive and well!


We have had wonderful talent pass through and stay, each adding something special to the excellent group it has become. We love to sing and dance, and have as much fun performing as you will watching! There are approximately 16-25 singers, and we are always looking for new talent to join the group, so please see our contact page for more information.


Thank you to our patrons,  sponsors, and volunteers!

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